Happy 2020!

Happy New Year

Nearly every person I see just before or after the Christmas and New Year period ask me what my resolutions are. I’m sure some of you are smiling and nodding right now, getting tired of being asked the same question.

I do not have any resolutions. They are easy to break. As much as I would love to get fit and healthy, spend oodles of time with my perfect family and spend less money, ultimately I already know how easy it is to break these resolutions. In other words, the negative stigma associated with New Years’ resolutions already mean that these plans are doomed to fail. At least that’s the case for me.

So let me put this out here. No resolutions for me. Just plans. And goals. Focused only on one area of my life. My business. I aim to work as hard as I can (while still maintaining quality family time) to make my small business a success. I am getting everything organised to streamline my business, with a focus on the types of clients I can assist, and the services I can offer. I will be setting my working hours to fit in with both my family and my clients business needs. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my business.

My new business motto that I will follow is “Your business success is my business success”. In order for me to be a successful administration support business, I need to ensure that my clients will be successful. The more tasks I can help with from an administration point of view, the more the client can focus on what their actual business is offering. This leads to happy clients for the business, which in turn leads to a happy client for me.

Good luck for everyone with their business goals for 2020. I can’t wait to talk to you about your administration requirements and how I can help you have more time for your own offerings. Thanks for reading, and welcome to this exciting new decade!