What can a virtual assistant offer your business?

Virtual assistant's working space

Have you ever heard of a virtual assistant? Are you a small business owner who is struggling to keep up with the day to day office paperwork, but can’t see the point of hiring a full time admin officer? Do you think that virtual administration means that your business is in the hands of someone overseas who is earning a very small amount of money and doesn’t really care about or understand your business?

The virtual administration industry is booming in Australia. Virtual Assistants are usually small business owners just like you. They come from strong administration backgrounds, and usually have a wide variety of skills.  Their knowledge and experience are perfect for helping other businesses with day to day tasks, which can include Data Entry, Document Formatting, Spreadsheet Formulas/Charts, Web Design, Social Media Campaigns, Emails, Calendar Management, Customer Relations, Event Management, Transcription… the list goes on!

It is not a job that we take lightly. The majority of business owners in this industry are there after years of office work, and are either tired of the 9-5 grind or trying to find flexible work opportunities. By the time you find a website or social media page for a virtual assistant, there has already been a lot of effort and work put in to their own business. They have often done training programs in virtual admin, social media marketing, new software etc. They have already seen their accountant, solicitor and business coach and have seen to it that they have the proper insurances to cover any potential incidents.

Before a virtual assistant is ready to work for you, they have poured in their heart and soul into their own business. How does this help you? Well, this virtual assistant does NOT want your business to fail. Spending so much time, effort and money to ensure their own business is successful, means that they know how to help you! They know the processes that can help your business to streamline your administration. They can help you attract (and keep) new clients with social media strategies. This means that for a virtual administration assistant to be able to have a successful business, they need to help you to make your business successful too!

It’s easy enough for small business owners to look at the overseas virtual admin officers and wonder what an Australian virtual admin assistant that is charging $40 an hour can offer, when they can pay someone in the Phillipines $5 an hour for the same thing. Well, I don’t like to just call myself a virtual assistant. I am your Virtual Business Partner. I work with your business to not only complete the tasks, but to help improve them. I work with you as well as your business. You are guaranteed to get the same person each time you need something done, which means not having to repeat yourself with requests to get the same job done.

There is so much to the world of virtual administration that it will not fit in the one post, but I will be running a spotlight on services blog series in the coming months, which should help you make sense of how a virtual assistant can help your business. For now, if you would like to know more, you can call me on 0422 292 785, email penni@keanofficesolutions.com.au or send me a message on my facebook page www.facebook.com/KEANOfficeSolutions